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My name is Pete, and I operate a 307' fishing boat.  I spend most of the year in the Bering Sea. While fishing, the M/V Golden Alaska employs about 150 crew members.  We produce up to 190 tons of product per day, with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any protein food product.


I care deeply about conservation, and I am proud to be part of a well-regulated fishery. It is very important for us to operate in a sustainable way since our livelihood for years to come depends on the actions we take and the ways we operate now.


I have a fascination with the beautiful structures in nature. I started my art journey by assembling articulated fish skeletons using only sea life that had died as an incidental bycatch of commercial fishing boats. That part of the process ended up being very challenging; it was difficult to accomplish a result worthy of the art. Also, the skeleton preparation process was time-consuming so I began to look for alternate sources for the skeletons. Now I secure the skeletons from experts in the field, such as Professor Steve Huskey, Ph.D., an expert in functional design and ecological utility in vertebrates at Western Kentucky University. He has prepared many of my skeletons.


Currently, I make less than 20 pieces a year, and a few of those I make while I am at sea if the weather and the seas permit.


I really enjoy creating these compositions, the fluid art, working the steel, and the overall design process, and I hope that you enjoy the natural beauty and focus on nature as well.   


Best Regards,


Captain Pete

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